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Start-up, Growth, Funding,
Exit, & Consigliere


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Start-up, Growth, Funding, & Exit

The process of raising capital sucks. It takes you away from running your business and generates a minefield of questions. We don’t know anyone who likes it, yet it’s a necessary part of every successful start up and high-growth company.


Here's a novel idea:

Keep running your company while you raise capital. We reduce your prep time, deal with the minefield, and make the process far more likely to succeed.


Broadscope has partnered with entrepreneurs and high-growth companies to help them develop winning strategies, raise capital, scale, and exit. Since 1990 we've helped clients start up and raise over $650 million in capital.  

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Whether you're a C-suite executive, entrepreneur, investor, or board director, there are times that you need trusted counsel—someone who can advise you from the outside, with deep inside experience.

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Interim C-Level Executive

Need an interim C-level executive? We can fill your open slot as CEO/CFO/CSO.

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Why Hire Us

Simple: No bullshit. We tell you the truth, give you our grounded assessments and broad counsel. We help you navigate the complexities of starting or evaluating a business, raising capital, developing strategy, and working with investors. We're incredibly responsive, agile, and understand the complexities of entrepreneurs, investors, and boards. Bottom line: We help you get it done.

Start-up, Growth, & Funding

Starting or growing a business and raising capital is hard. It takes a huge amount of time to generate your strategy, financial model, and investor presentation deck. Then more time to figure out your raise plan, including which investors to approach, how to get warm introductions, and negotiate the deal. The process sucks your time, resources, and frequently fails. 


We can update or generate all of your raise documents, determine capital needs, hone your story and investor pitch, deal with valuation questions, exit strategy options, and coordinate the effort, giving you time to work on your business—not just raise money.


An added benefit: Our work will uncover things about your business that you likely didn't know and that investors will ask.

Broadscope helps you with the entire process. We've worked it countless times and know how to get you over the biggest hurdle: Getting investors excited about your company and your product. For the past two decades, we've helped our clients focus on both the emotional and intellectual components of raising capital. We partner with our clients to help them align their goals, strategies, and fund raising documents to create a powerful business case. Since 1995 Broadscope has helped our clients generate successful business strategies, raise over $650 million in debt and equity and successfully exit.

Call or email us to learn how we can help.



Everyone needs a trusted advisor. As Consigliere we form a close working relationship with you—we listen with curiosity, ask deep questions, act as a sounding board, and provide grounded assessments and guidance. We help you work through tough issues and expand your capabilities, helping you get better and more confident in your role.

In addition to helping entrepreneurs and C-level executives, we're also brought in by boards and investors to conduct diligence, assess strategy, tactics, personnel, and parachute in to deal with problems. 

Think you have a Consigliere? They must meet these two fundamental requirements:

1. They have no agenda. Subordinates, superiors, peers, partners, and parents don't count. 

2. They need to be close, but not too close. You don't want your actions to have an impact on your Consigliere's life.

Call or email us to learn more.


Interim C-Level

Do you need help getting through a fund raising round? As an investor, want to cut through the crap and find out what's really going on inside the company you've invested in and get it fixed? 


We’re frequently brought in as interim CEO/CFO/CSO to help recast strategy, evaluate the business, or lead a fund raising effort. We can also screen, interview, and help hire your C-level executives, helping ensure that you have the right team on board at the current stage of growth.

Call or email to discuss your situation.

Interim C-Level
Founder & CEO

I've never worked with anyone more capable, efficient or effective in guiding companies through the formulation and execution of their success strategies. Combined with his exceptional communication and technical skills, Brett brings a uniquely broad and deep understanding of technology, finance, business operations, and people across a range of industries. Plus, he's just a really great guy.

Carla Hamre Donelson

Former Executive VP/General Counsel of Verio Inc
& Partner of Morrison & Foerster, LLP

I have worked with Brett as a valued advisor, consultant and strategist in multiple capacities over more than two decades. Brett brings a unique combination of strategic insights, operational understanding and financial acumen to the table. He has been invaluable as a key contributor in helping build two highly successful companies. Brett played key roles in everything from developing the business plan and financial model to helping evaluate operational strategies and raising capital. Brett will be one of the first people I call for my next start-up.

Justin Jaschke

Former CEO Bay Area Cellular Telephone Co., President OneCom,
& Founder and CEO Verio

I've both reported directly to Brett and worked with Brett over the last 10 years. I unreservedly recommend him as a management consultant, advisor, or in a senior leadership role.


Brett is incredibly consistent in producing great outcomes. He routinely brings a level of focus, depth, and breadth that I rarely see in business. He not only sees the big picture, but sees how to lay out a roadmap for other people to follow, then packages solutions in ways that his clients can hear, internalize, and take action on. He cuts through obfuscation and creates clarity and purpose. 


Brett is also a joy to work with as he respects and works well with others, promoting fun while making great accomplishments. I’d work with Brett again on a moment’s notice.

Peter Adams

Founder & CEO, M&A Integration Practice Leader
LightHouse Information Systems

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Start-up, Growth, Funding, Exit, & Consigliere


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