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Why hire us? Simple: We tell you the truth, give you grounded assessments and broad counsel. We’re responsive, agile, and understand the complexities of founders, teams, investors, and boards of directors. We’ve helped dozens of companies startup, raise capital, scale, and exit.


We’ve helped countless startups and high-growth businesses develop their Compelling Case for Customers. The 3Cs drive sales, marketing, pricing, go-to-market strategy, and ultimately, company value.


Your 3Cs are the underpinnings of your company. You must have a compelling case for customers to raise capital, grow steadily, and scale. Without a solid 3Cs, most companies fail.

We advise you on developing, implementing, and protecting your 3Cs to create barriers to entry and maximize your competitive advantage. Get in touch to learn how we can help you.


Capital Raise

The majority of founders and CEOs have not raised capital—they are not prepared for the time and effort that it takes to seek and obtain funding from Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) investors. If you’re one of them, you’re at a huge disadvantage when presenting your company to investors. They do this for a living. You probably don't understand the intricacies of the raise process, including investor screens, required market size and ROI, raise timing, round-to-round valuation step-up requirements, and investor cohort strategy. We guide you through the process, leading the way or behind the scenes. 


Raising capital can take from six to more than 12 months. Founders think that they have the process under control and can raise in less time. It rarely happens.

There are hundreds of pieces to a raise, including developing compelling strategy, a financial planning model, and investor slide deck, generating your long-term capital needs and raise forecast, defining the best raise vehicle for this and subsequent rounds, best investor team and partners, getting warm introductions and skillfully preparing for investor meetings.

We help with each of these, giving you time to focus on your business. Read what our past clients say about us, then contact us or set up a one-hour introductory video call.

Capital Raise

Investor Presentations

Most investor meetings fail. Why? The CEO doesn’t get the investors excited: They focus on the details, are boring, and don't tell an engaging story.


Pitch decks usually present too much detail and miss critical information that investors must see in the first meeting. In addition, most CEOs don’t present well, causing investors to question their success and role as CEO.


We create, assess, recreate, and polish investor decks. We then coach you through the presentation using a rigorous process over many weeks. We act as different types of investors, asking you questions that investors will ask, and we help you become polished, professional, and at ease in front of the real VC or PE partners.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you, no matter what amazing new product or service you've developed.

Investor Presentations

Financial Modeling

CEOs and founders need diligence-proven financial models to raise capital. Well-built models will forecast cash needs, determine raise timing, reduce dilution, and optimize strategy and valuation. Creating them requires a level of experience that depth that is extremely difficult to find.

We've built and consulted on hundreds of financial models over the past three decades for virtually every type of business. We can certainly help with yours. Reach out to learn more.


Building financial models is part science and part art. The best models do all of these things:


  • Translate your business into numbers—elegantly. You’ll light up, knowing that we've captured the essence of your business structure and what you need to succeed and thrive.

  • Answer questions, well before the questions come to light.

  • Translate the complexities of your business into clear output: Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, valuation, and company-focused metrics that drive you to
    get the most from the business, taking into account strategy and key internal and external metrics.

  • Pass investor due diligence easily, decreasing your capital raise time and overall stress.

Financial Modeling
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