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Strategy & Funding

Raising capital can take from 4 to more than 12 months. Many founders think that they have it under control and can do it in less time—it rarely happens. The ninety day rule of thumb is a myth.


There are many pieces to a raise, including developing strategy, business plan, dynamic financial planning model, and investor presentation deck, then generating a long-term raise forecast, optimal raise vehicle for this round, best investors and firm partners, getting warm introductions, and skillfully preparing for investor meetings.

We can help with each of these, giving you time to focus on your business, rather than spending all of your time trying to raise capital. We provide trusted counsel at fixed monthly rates that most start-ups and high-growth can afford. We can also create each of the raise documents if you don't have great people on board to do the work.


Need help with other tough start-up or rapid growth issues? Want to ensure that you're on the best path?

We will add significant value, regardless of the problems that you're facing. Read what our past clients say about us, then call Brett or set up a one hour introductory video call. ​

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