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Brett Sharenow, Consulente

Clear, expert counsel on raising capital and developing compelling strategy for start-up and
high-growth companies.

  • Funding: Successfully raise a round from Venture Capital (VC), Private Equity (PE), or Angel investors.

  • Strategy: Develop compelling strategy that scales, optimizes growth, and significantly increases value.

  • Avoid Mistakes: Get expert guidance and steer clear of landmines that cause most companies to fail.


Raising capital from Angels, VC, and PE investors to facilitate high growth.

We'll expertly guide you to develop the documents you’ll need for a successful raise, identify potential investors, develop your story, coach you through presenting your pitch, and take you through the process from beginning to end. We’ve done this for dozens of companies over the last 30 years, raising more than $905 million for our clients.


We are responsive, agile, and understand the complexities of CEOs/Founders, investors, teams, and boards of directors.


Develop compelling

strategy for startup,

raising capital, and

aggressive growth


Create a stellar pitch deck

and get Shark Tank type

feedback before you meet

with your first investor


Navigate from

startup to a

successfully closed



Guide you to
create a powerful
strategic financial
planning model

Discover More
Gyroplane Client
Advising on US expansion:
Strategy, dealer network,
marketing & sales,
FAA type certification. 

Compelling Case for Customers

To raise capital, create a successful growth strategy, and scale your business, you must develop a Compelling Case for Customersor 3Cs℠. We help you create your 3Cs and work the raise process, focusing on the broad strategy, details, and all things in between.

Schedule a 30-minute video call to learn more.

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