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What should you expect from your private company CFO—or from yourself if you’re the CFO or senior finance person?

We like this summary, developed from several sources. [i], [ii], [iii]

The CFO:

  • Must serve as the fiscal authority in the organization, ensuring the in...

I can’t stand it! Every day our CEO gets excited, comes up with three or four new ideas, and wants me to make them an immediate priority. She thinks that each one is vital to our success, but she has no idea how much time or resources it takes to get even one of them d...

Being in the details is great for some jobs. For CEOs, it can be a death sentence. We're going to help keep you alive by taking you above the minutia for a flight in a unique aircraft.

Since I became certified to fly gyrocopters last month, I have a metaphor that I like...

In prior posts, we discussed that you need an outline business plan, strategic financial planning model, and a company presentation to raise capital. For each of these pieces, being too “in the details” or too “in the clouds” can cause your raise and company to fail. T...

This week, we’re going to cover a fatal mistake that regularly catches founders and CEOs by surprise and takes ongoing commitment to keep it in check.

What We Learn Growing Up

When we’re young, the majority of our accomplishments and accolades come from what we do, such...

Last week, we covered potential fatal errors related to funding and valuation. This week, we’ll continue our discussion and address the fatal error of not raising enough capital.

Though there are usually underlying issues, running out of cash is the number one reason th...

Founders and CEOs who haven’t participated directly in multiple start-ups—most readers of this article—frequently make errors early in the process. Over the last few weeks at Broadscope, we’ve been in conversations with a few new CEOs who have made or are making what m...

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August 23, 2018

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