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We debunk the 90 day myth to raising capital.

Are you a magician or pickpocket? Do you get in front of an investor audience, say abracadabra, wave your hands, and hope to transfer money from an investor’s pocket to yours?

Well, most investors will get wise to your attempted sleight of hand before the end of your pi...

Being in the details is great for some jobs. For CEOs, it can be a death sentence. We're going to help keep you alive by taking you above the minutia for a flight in a unique aircraft.

Since I became certified to fly gyrocopters last month, I have a metaphor that I like...

In prior posts, we discussed that you need an outline business plan, strategic financial planning model, and a company presentation to raise capital. For each of these pieces, being too “in the details” or too “in the clouds” can cause your raise and company to fail. T...

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Do You Have a Superb CFO? Part 1

August 23, 2018

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